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16 February 2024Composer Added: Argersinger, Charles
Composer Added: Britain, Radie
Composer Added: Haddad, Don
Composer Added: Horovitz, Joseph
Composer Added: Rouse, Christopher
Ensemble Added: BYU-Idaho Faculty Brass Quintet
Ensemble Added: Offutt Brass
Ensemble Added: Pacific Brass
Work Added: Kriki (The Cries) (Bozic)
Work Added: Messingkvintett (Wallin)
10 May 2022Composer Added: Lim, Jiesun
Work Added: Suite for Brass Quintet (Lim)
10 June 2021Composer Added: Wright, Graeme
Composer Updated: Machi I Castell, Joan V.
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Blue and Gold Music (Joio)
Work Added: Building a Hypercube (Thrower)
Work Updated: Blue and Gold Music (Joio)
17 February 2021Composer Added: Abrahamsen, Hans
Composer Added: Bach, Jan
Composer Added: Bahr, Jason
Composer Added: Bingham, Judith
Composer Added: Endsley, Shane
Composer Added: Gibson, Mara
Composer Added: Likbhuta, Catherine
Composer Added: Maes, Jef
Composer Added: Pirio, Alonso
Composer Added: Rabe, Folke
Composer Added: Rosner, Arnold
Composer Added: Thrower, Daniel
Composer Added: Welffens, Peter
Composer Added: York, Barbara
Composer Added: de Jong, Marinus
Ensemble Added: Phoenix Chamber Brass
Publisher Added: Gilded Music Press
Recording Added: Phoenix Chamber Brass - Academic Fanfare (Thrower)
Work Added: A Dream of the Past; Three Paintings by Millais and a Prologue for Brass Quintet (Bingham)
Work Added: Academic Fanfare (Thrower)
Work Added: Antagonisme (Darasse)
Work Added: Aspects (York)
Work Added: Blanc et feu (Landowski)
Work Added: Brass Quintet (Rosner)
Work Added: Dash (Paterson)
Work Added: From the Shadow's Edge (Thrower)
Work Added: Gateway to Freedom (Thrower)
Work Added: Initium: Concert Opener (Thrower)
Work Added: Lewis and Clark Trail (Thrower)
Work Added: Message of Hope (Thrower)
Work Added: Monolith Fanfare (Thrower)
Work Added: Pastimes (Thrower)
Work Added: Peal Off (Windels)
Work Added: Round and In-Between (Abrahamsen)
Work Added: Rushmore Trail (Thrower)
Work Added: Scherzo Serio (Thrower)
Work Added: Stanze (Dusapin)
Work Added: Symphonies pour cinq Cuivres (Amy)
Work Added: Urban Landscapes (Kervin Boursiquot)
Work Added: Vier Miniaturen (Welffens)
23 January 2021Ensemble Added: Axiom Brass
Publisher Added: Wyastone
Recording Added: Axiom Brass - Avian Capriccio (Thomas)
Work Updated: Avian Capriccio (Thomas)
Work Updated: Third Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman (Tower)
18 January 2021Work Updated: AC's Turning (Weston)
21 December 2020Work Updated: Blue Stratagem (Zorn)
Work Updated: Brass Quintet No. 1 (Wagner)
Work Updated: Daybreak (Coleman)
Work Updated: Manic Chromatic (York)
Work Updated: Morning Music (Sampson)
Work Updated: Pulcinella (Zorn)
Work Updated: Quintet for Brass, Op. 25 (Greenberg)
Work Updated: Scena da Camera (Wintle)
Work Updated: Three Romances (Franklin)
18 December 2020Work Updated: Quintet no. 3 in D flat major (Opus 7) (Ewald)
16 December 2020Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Canzone XXXI (Felder)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Music for Brass (Sacred and Profane) (Walker)
Work Updated: Canzone XXXI (Felder)
Work Updated: Music for Brass (Sacred and Profane) (Walker)
10 December 2020Composer Added: Cohen, Robert S.
Work Added: Neptune's Treasures (Cohen)
23 November 2020Composer Updated: Archer, Violet
5 November 2020Composer Added: Simon, Anton, originally Antoine
Ensemble Added: Ewald Brass Quintet
Recording Added: Ewald Brass Quintet - Quintets, from Petite morceaux (22), for ensemble, Op. 26 (Simon)
Work Added: Quatuor en Forme du Sonatine Op. 23 No. 1 (Simon)
Work Updated: Quintets, from Petite morceaux (22), for ensemble, Op. 26 (Simon)
21 October 2020Composer Added: York, Donald
Composer Updated: Moravec, Paul
Ensemble Added: CCM Brass Quintet
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Be Not Afraid: the isle is full of noises (Adler)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Cornopean Air (Moravec)
Work Updated: Be Not Afraid: the isle is full of noises (Adler)
Work Updated: Cornopean Air (Moravec)
Work Updated: Daylight at Midnight (Wilson)
20 October 2020Composer Added: Franklin, Steven
Composer Added: Wilson, Dana
19 October 2020Composer Added: Wintle, James Ray
Work Added: American Intrada (Wintle)
Work Added: Fantasia for Brass Quintet and Organ (Bolcom)
Work Added: Quintet no. 2 in E flat major (Opus 6) (Ewald)
Work Updated: Quintet no. 1 in b flat minor (Opus 5) (Ewald)
18 October 2020Work Updated: Twelve Little Pieces (Maurer)
17 October 2020Work Added: Morgengruss (Maurer)
16 October 2020Composer Added: D'Rivera, Paquito
Work Added: Four pieces for brass quintet (D'Rivera)
15 October 2020Composer Added: Temkin, Daniel
Composer Added: Wagner, Melinda
Composer Updated: Balentine, James Scott
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Brass Quintet No. 1 (Wagner)
Recording Added: Gaudete Brass Quintet - Still (Sampson)
Work Added: Autumn Cascade (Temkin)
Work Added: Corona Virus Prelude and Fugue in D minor Opus 420 (Sorg)
Work Added: Mental Disorders (Sorg)
Work Added: Prelude and Fugue in E minor Opus 420 (Sorg)
Work Added: Still (Sampson)
Work Added: Tuftonia's Call and Response for Brass Quintet and Percussion (Anderson)
Work Updated: Aristotle's rhetoric, No. 2 friendship and enmity (Pertout)
Work Updated: Five Scenes For Brass Quintet (Cooper)
Work Updated: Strata (Sampson)
Work Updated: Strata (formerly Quintet 99) (Sampson)
Work Updated: the river remembers (Balentine)
14 October 2020Composer Added: Hansen, Thorvald
Composer Updated: Coleman, Dan
Composer Updated: Zorn, John
13 October 2020Work Added: Quintette No. 1 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 10 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 11 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 12 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 2 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 3 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 4 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 5 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 6 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 7 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 8 (Bellon)
Work Added: Quintette No. 9 (Bellon)
11 October 2020Composer Updated: Maurer, Ludwig Wilhelm
Work Added: Quintet no. 4 in Ab major (opus 8) (Ewald)
Work Updated: Shine (Paterson)
10 October 2020Composer Added: Bellon, Jean-Francois Victor
Composer Added: Ewald, Victor
Composer Updated: Maurer, Ludwig Wilhelm
8 October 2020Composer Added: Bailey Holland, Jonathan
Composer Added: Bofill Levi, Anna
Composer Added: Byström, Britta
Composer Added: Carter, Derek
Composer Added: Chamberlain, Nicole
Composer Added: Cleare, Ann
Composer Added: Cloud, Judith
Composer Added: Coleman, Christopher
Composer Added: Copley, Katahj
Composer Added: Edo Bial, Amparo
Composer Added: Fol, Alexandra
Composer Added: Gates, Dorothy
Composer Added: Gomez, Alice
Composer Added: Hextall, Pieta
Composer Added: Hopkins, Esther
Composer Added: Hsu, Chia-Yu
Composer Added: Kendall, Hannah
Composer Added: Kervin Boursiquot, Dean
Composer Added: Leon, Tania
Composer Added: Maurtua, Jose Luis
Composer Added: McCullough, Amanda
Composer Added: McKay, Dosia
Composer Added: Miller, Sarah
Composer Added: Morehead, Patricia
Composer Added: Nishimura, Cait
Composer Added: Njoku, Portia
Composer Added: Peterson, Lynn
Composer Added: Piunno, Nicole
Composer Added: Roger, Denise
Composer Added: Sadoh, Godwin
Composer Added: Schramm, Betsy
Composer Added: Thomas, Augusta Read
Composer Added: Tian, Zhou
Work Added: A Mighty Fortress (Schramm)
Work Added: Aires (Bofill Levi)
Work Added: Another World (Gates)
Work Added: Bossa (Edo Bial)
Work Added: Brass Fanfare (Carter)
Work Added: Brass Quintet no. 2 (Inwood)
Work Added: Brass Quintet op. 39 (Fol)
Work Added: Brass Tasks (Peterson)
Work Added: By Blinding Light (Copley)
Work Added: Byrd (Chamberlain)
Work Added: Celebration (Brouwer)
Work Added: Changes (Hopkins)
Work Added: Copperwave (Tower)
Work Added: Dance of the Fireflies (McCullough)
Work Added: El Huapango (Gomez)
Work Added: Episodes (Copley)
Work Added: Fairy Tails Brass Quintet No. 2 (Kervin Boursiquot)
Work Added: Five Pieces for Brass Quintet (Hextall)
Work Added: Fuga Tico Tico for Brass Quintet (Maurtua)
Work Added: Hello Cupcake! (Cloud)
Work Added: Holy, Holy, Holy (Schramm)
Work Added: Hydra (Gomez)
Work Added: Illusions of the Masque (Schramm)
Work Added: In the Seeking (Piunno)
Work Added: In the Tower (Byström)
Work Added: Inferno (Byström)
Work Added: Inferno (Byström)
Work Added: Introit (Bailey Holland)
Work Added: Invasion of the Clowns (McKay)
Work Added: Kalends (Silverman)
Work Added: La Fugitive (Byström)
Work Added: La Suite Noire (Morehead)
Work Added: Mire [...] Veins (Cleare)
Work Added: Monterey Sketches (Piunno)
Work Added: Morning Call (Tian)
Work Added: Night-Shining White (Tian)
Work Added: Politics, Money, Music (Coleman)
Work Added: Quantum Quintet (Silverman)
Work Added: Salsa Metalica (Gomez)
Work Added: Scherzi Musicali (Thomas)
Work Added: Sparkle (Hsu)
Work Added: Suite of Dances (Njoku)
Work Added: Sunburts: A Field of Asters (Miller)
Work Added: Supplique et Polychromie (Roger)
Work Added: Three Dogs From Greek Mythology (Cloud)
Work Added: Three Movements for Brass Sextet (Inwood)
Work Added: Thumbprint (Kendall)
Work Added: Valley Views (Nishimura)
Work Added: Variations on "Summer Sun" (Pirio)
Work Added: Yoruba Wedding Dance for Brass Quintet (Sadoh)
Work Added: when the clouds break (Nishimura)
7 October 2020Added ability to browse all composers alphabetically
7 October 2020Composer Added: Danielsson, Christer
Composer Added: Esmail, Reena
Composer Added: McMichael, Catherine
Composer Added: Orth, Rene
Composer Added: Silverman, Faye-Ellen
Composer Added: Tower, Joan
Ensemble Added: Seraph Brass
Recording Added: Seraph Brass - Asteria (McMichael)
Recording Added: Seraph Brass - Leaguered by Fire, Lagooned in Gold (Orth)
Work Added: Asteria (McMichael)
Work Added: Leaguered by Fire, Lagooned in Gold (Orth)
6 October 2020Composer Added: Antoniou, Theodore
Composer Added: Barnett, Carol
Composer Added: Bauckholt, Carola
Composer Added: Berg, Stephanie
Composer Added: Colgrass, Michael
Composer Added: Farberman, Harold
Composer Added: Joubert, John
Composer Added: Knight, Morris
Composer Added: Korn, Peter
Composer Added: Korndorf, Nikolai
Composer Added: Lazarof, Henri
Composer Added: Lorentzen, Bent
Composer Added: Mayer, William
Composer Added: Nagel, Robert
Composer Added: Peaslee, Richard
Composer Added: Previn, Andre
Composer Added: Sandstrom, Sven-David
Composer Added: Shinn, Randall
Composer Added: Ward-Steinman, David
Composer Added: Washburn, Robert
Composer Added: Weber, Alain
Composer Added: Weston, Trevor
Composer Added: Williams, Evan
Composer Added: Windels, Ed
Composer Added: Zupko, Ramon
Composer Added: Zverev, Vasilii
Composer Updated: Amis, Kenneth
Composer Updated: Athens, Niccolo
Publisher Added: Thompson Edition
Recording Added: Gaudete Brass Quintet - Peal Off (Windels)
Work Added: A Quick Start (Matthews)
Work Added: Lux Aeterna (Williams)
Work Added: Music for Brass Quintet (Weston)
Work Added: Sonata Secolare (Gardner)
Work Added: Suite for Brass Quintet (Zverev)
Work Added: The Mysterious Brass Band (Barnett)
Work Added: Three Movements for Brass Quintet (3 Sätze für Blechbläserquintett) (Bauckholt)
5 October 2020Composer Added: Anderson, T.J. (Thomas Jefferson)
Composer Added: Bacon, Alexis
Composer Updated: Anderson, Beth
Composer Updated: Baiocchi, Regina
Ensemble Added: Innovata Brass
Publisher Added: Amis Musical Circle
Publisher Added: T.J. Anderson Music Publishing
Work Added: Capriccio (Bacon)
Work Updated: A Scent of Paradise (Amis)
Work Updated: Bell-Tone's Ring (Amis)
Work Updated: Brass Quintet No. 2 (Amis)
Work Updated: Brass Quintet No.1 (Amis)
Work Updated: Brass Swale (Anderson)
Work Updated: Fanfare of the Rising Suns (Amis)
Work Updated: Saturday/Sunday Swale (Anderson)
14 September 2020Composer Updated: Rasmussen, Karl Aage
Composer Updated: Sanz-Burguete, Enrique
Composer Updated: Steckar, Marc
Recording Added: Spanish Brass - Bethina versus Goethe (Sanz-Burguete)
Work Added: Four, Five (Rasmussen)
Work Added: Suite de Suite a suivre (Steckar)
Work Updated: Batubop (Steckar)
Work Updated: Bethina versus Goethe (Sanz-Burguete)
13 September 2020Composer Added: Hilton, Lewis Booth
Composer Added: Renwick, Wilke
Composer Added: Schule, B.
Composer Added: Sclater, James
Work Added: Variations on an English Theme (Roberts)
12 September 2020Work Updated: Quintet for Brass (Sacco)
7 September 2020Composer Updated: Adler, Samuel
5 September 2020Composer Added: Higdon, Jennifer
Composer Updated: Greenberg, Jay
Composer Updated: Sacco, Peter
Composer Updated: Sacco, Steven C.
Publisher Added: Lawdon Press
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Fanfare Quintet (Higdon)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Fixated Nights (Gureckis)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Fixated Nights (Gureckis)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Quintet for Brass (Sacco)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Quintet for Brass, Op. 25 (Greenberg)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Shine (Paterson)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Shine (Paterson)
Work Updated: Fanfare Quintet (Higdon)
Work Updated: Fixated Nights (Gureckis)
4 September 2020Composer Added: Paterson, Robert
Composer Added: Patterson, Robert
Composer Updated: Currier, Sebastian
Publisher Added: Bill Holab Music
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Cadence, Fugue, Fade (Currier)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Dance Movements (Snow)
Work Added: Cadence, Fugue, Fade (Currier)
25 August 2020Composer Added: Waxman, Ernest
24 August 2020Composer Added: Alston, Lettie Beckon
Composer Added: Baker, David Nathaniel
Composer Added: Bland, Edward O.
Composer Added: Cronin, Stephen
Composer Added: Edwards, Ross
Composer Added: Grenfell, Maria
Composer Added: Hill, Fred
Composer Added: Kerry, Gordon
Composer Added: Llewellyn, Becky
Composer Added: Middenway, Ralph
Composer Added: Milliken, Cathy
Composer Added: Oosterbaan, André
Composer Added: Paviour, Paul
Composer Added: Spiers, Colin
Composer Added: Tiutiunnik, Katia
Composer Added: Webb, Peter
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Copperwave (Tower)
Recording Added: Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - Quintet, Opus 73 (Arnold)
Work Added: "Suite" on Le Roi Renaud (Avarmaa)
Work Added: 3 Canciones from Espana by Isaac Albeniz (Hill)
Work Added: A Sense of Space (Maggio)
Work Added: Commentary on the Scottish hymn-tune Dumfermline, Op. 107B (Paviour)
Work Added: Dance Fanfare (Edwards)
Work Added: Dancing at the Camerata (Grenfell)
Work Added: Diversions on the Old 104th (Paviour)
Work Added: ESPIRAL (Milliken)
Work Added: Extension Explorations (Oosterbaan)
Work Added: Fanfare (Cronin)
Work Added: Fanfare (Sims)
Work Added: Fanfare (Spiers)
Work Added: Fanfare de Mémoire (Pertout)
Work Added: Fanfaronade: for brass ensemble (Wilcher)
Work Added: Four Sea Shanties (Sarcich)
Work Added: Maranoa songs (Sarcich)
Work Added: Northern lights: two fanfares for brass ensemble (Wilcher)
Work Added: Out of the Depths (Tiutiunnik)
Work Added: Overture on Colonial Themes (Hill)
Work Added: Quintet (Webb)
Work Added: Second Suite (Hill)
Work Added: The Seven Ages of Man (Middenway)
Work Added: Three Folksongs (Stanhope)
Work Added: Tower Music (Kerry)
Work Added: Warlords (Wilcher)
Work Added: Welsh Chorales for Brass Quintet (Llewellyn)
23 August 2020Composer Added: Allworth, Robert
Composer Added: Cale, Bruce
Composer Added: Deane-Johns, Benedict
Composer Added: Dunleavy, Houston
Composer Added: Grandage, Iain
Composer Added: Gross, Eric
Composer Added: Jacobsen, Sonia
Composer Added: Jameson, Philip
Composer Added: Kay, Don
Composer Added: Kopetz, Paul
Composer Added: Millward, Frank
Composer Added: Pertout, Andrián
Composer Added: Phillips, Rohan
Composer Added: Sarcich, Paul
Composer Added: Sims, Robert
Composer Added: Styles, Luke
Composer Added: Vaughan, Dindy
Composer Added: Wilcher, Phillip
Composer Updated: Gifford, Helen
Work Added: Aquarius star pattern (Cale)
Work Added: Australian folksong suite (Sims)
Work Added: Axolotl Rag (Kopetz)
Work Added: Banquet: fanfare for brass ensemble (Wilcher)
Work Added: Bazmarkus (Deane-Johns)
Work Added: Blue Whales (Vaughan)
Work Added: Brass Quintet (Phillips)
Work Added: Brass Quintet (Sarcich)
Work Added: Centenary Fanfare (Batterham)
Work Added: Circus Scenes (Sims)
Work Added: Fanfare for five, op. 211 (Gross)
Work Added: Fanfares and Interlude (Allworth)
Work Added: Four movements for brass quintet, op. 201 (Gross)
Work Added: Lamentation (Kay)
Work Added: Melbourne Mosaic (Batterham)
Work Added: Melting pot (Jacobsen)
Work Added: Music for Foul Play (Dunleavy)
Work Added: Quintet No. 3 (Stanhope)
Work Added: Soapbox (Grandage)
Work Added: Solder (Styles)
Work Added: The Collatz variations (Jameson)
Work Added: The breeze & you (Millward)
Work Added: Wa Wa waltz (Wright)
Work Updated: Sonata for Brass Quintet (Mills)
21 August 2020Country data added for composers where this was blank
20 August 2020Recording Added: Fine Arts Brass Ensemble - Quintet, Opus 73 (Arnold)
18 August 2020Demographic data added to the database, sourced from the following publication:

Horne, A. (1996). Brass music of Black composers: A bibliography. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.
18 August 2020Composer Updated: Cordero, Roque
Composer Updated: DaCosta, Noel
16 August 2020Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Brass Quintet (Beaser)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Chesapeake (Sampson)
15 August 2020Support added for the submission of multiple online recordings per work
15 August 2020Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Brass Quintet (Carter)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - The Three Tenses (Ruo)
14 August 2020Composer Updated: Tillis, Frederick Charles
Composer Updated: Walker, George Theophilus
13 August 2020Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Blackbird Variations (Dennis)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Brass Quintet (Asia)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Colchester Fantasy (Ewazen)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Dance Movements (Snow)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Frost Fire (Ewazen)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Morning Music (Sampson)
Recording Added: American Brass Quintet - Triskelion (Adolphe)
Recording Added: Center City Brass Quintet - Quintet, Opus 73 (Arnold)
Recording Added: Meridian Arts Ensemble - Smart Went Crazy (Nurock)
Recording Added: Stockholm Chamber Brass - Quintet, Opus 73 (Arnold)
12 August 2020Search functionality optimised
Support added for composer demographic data
11 August 2020Work Updated: Triskelion (Adolphe)
9 August 2020Autocomplete for composer’s name, work title, publisher, commissioning organisation, and premiere ensemble added for searches and work submission/correction
9 August 2020Work Added: Concerto for Brass Quintet and Orchestra Op. 133 (Koetsier)
7 August 2020Composer Updated: Adolphe, Bruce
6 August 2020Composer Added: Meyer, Jessica
Composer Added: Young, Nina C.
Ensemble Added: Nautilus Brass Quintet
Publisher Added: jmmpublishing
5 August 2020Composer Added: Lasser, Philip
Publisher Added: Editions Rassel
Work Added: Common Heroes, Uncommon Land (Lasser)
31 July 2020Composer Added: Sorg, Andrew
Publisher Added: Andrew Sorg
Publisher Added: Hip-Bone Music
25 July 2020Work Updated: Antiphony : for brasses and woodwinds (Sear)
Work Updated: Colchester Fantasy (Ewazen)
Work Updated: Pentaphonie (Valcourt)
Work Updated: Tryptych (Bach)
21 July 2020Composer Added: Fuchs, Kenneth
Work Added: Brass Quintet No. 2 (Fuchs)
20 July 2020Work Updated: Escape (McKee)
18 July 2020Corrupt/duplicate publisher data removed
18 July 2020Ensemble Added: Sydney Brass
Ensemble Updated: American Brass Quintet
Ensemble Updated: Meridian Arts Ensemble
Work Added: Canzone for Ligeti (Holley)
17 July 2020"Work of the week" feature added
Curator's control panel added
17 July 2020Composer Added: Batterham, Andrew
Composer Added: Holley, Alan
Composer Updated: Garrop, Stacy
Composer Updated: Kubik, Gail
Composer Updated: Newman, Jonathan
Publisher Added: qPress
Publisher Updated: Australian Music Centre
Publisher Updated: Brass Press
Publisher Updated: Cimarron Music Press
Work Updated: Brass Quintet (Moore)
Work Updated: Brass Quintet Op.105 (Tcherepnin)
Work Updated: Changing Moods for Brass Quintet (Jacob)
Work Updated: Concert Overture for Brass Quintet (McKimm)
Work Updated: Divertimento (Luening)
Work Updated: Fanfare for Canterbury Cathedral (Sampson)
Work Updated: Four Brass Farthings (Marson)
Work Updated: Impressioni (Saglietti)
Work Updated: Movements (Carr)
Work Updated: Music for CYM Brass (Carr)
Work Updated: Prelude, Adagio, and Chorale (Pinkham)
Work Updated: Principe (Saglietti)
Work Updated: Six Dances, op. 79 (Hovhaness)
Work Updated: Symphony in Four Movements (Allanbrook)
15 July 2020Data storage reformatted
15 July 2020Composer Updated: Reynolds, Verne
Work Updated: Concertare I (Reynolds)
26 June 2020Works whose movements were listed within program notes or annotations now have their movements listed correctly
26 June 2020Supported added for work movements
26 June 2020Increased security for user accounts and new sign in/sign out process
List of "popular searches" added to homepage
17 June 2020Support added for composer gender